This Is Why You Should Join GREEK WORLD engineering & construction ltd

We Pay For Your Time

Over 86,000 workers needed for our include arriving projects wide range.

In the realm of engineering, one company stands tall as the beacon of excellence and prosperity – GREEK WORLD Engineering & Construction LTD. We proudly hold the distinction of being the highest paid engineering and construction company in Ghana, and we invite you to be part of this remarkable journey.

A Pinnacle of Compensation

At GREEK WORLD, we recognize that your skills, expertise, and dedication deserve recognition in every sense, including financial. That’s why we’re not just another engineering company – we’re your gateway to unparalleled compensation.

Rewarding Excellence

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond projects; it extends to our team members. We believe in compensating your hard work and ingenuity in a manner that truly reflects your value. With payment scales ranging from $2 to $24, we ensure that your efforts are not just acknowledged but richly rewarded.

Breakdown of how it works

  • We enroll you in our system’s database, which includes your profile details and your requested hourly base salary.
  • Once we secure a contract, we will contact you to check your availability and if you would like to be part of the project.
  • Within our registration forms, you have the option to select the specific days to collaborate with us.
  • Here’s a straightforward breakdown of how it operates: Discover the advantages that await you upon joining our company.

We are open to work with you, even if you are currently engaged with another company.

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Reliable partner for your projects: We don’t just bring the ideas, we build and fix it

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