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Engineering & Construction Limited

About us & SERVICES

Specializes in engineering for the Mining, Manufacturing, offshore oil, and gas industry.
Highly experienced in creating innovative and cost-effective solutions for challenging environments, including harsh and remote locations.
Reputation for delivering quality services and products within deadlines and budget constraints.


Values and Commitment:

Emphasizes commitment as a strong personality trait, expressing dedication to clients, team members, industry, and each other.
Engineers have over 7 years of hands-on experience, utilizing the latest computer aided design, engineering, and analysis tools.
Commitment to constant growth and improvement for advanced, value-added, and cost-effective solutions.

Started as a small operation and experienced inevitable growth by taking on larger projects.
Proven capabilities and experience with highly qualified engineers and designers.


Aims for a leading global market position by providing world-class engineering services while upholding quality and ethical standards.


Committed to providing traditional excellence in engineering services, surpassing client expectations for developmental and economic growth.
Focuses on meeting changing client needs with quality services delivered by the most qualified personnel.


In summary, Paw-Ma Engineering positions itself as a reliable and innovative engineering company with a strong commitment to client satisfaction, quality services, and continuous improvement. The company aspires to achieve a leading global market position through its vision and mission.

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